Research Results

"The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual."
Vince Lombardi

Solar Energy Research Results

Water Research Results


In the course of researching a topic, it is imperative to report one's results to the community, which often takes the form of a publication in a conference or journal. Many of the topics researched in this project will have papers written and submitted to various groups and organizations. The full listing of the papers associated with the Nexus project are on the page linked above.


Many new opportunities for research will stem from the efforts of our project members in the lifetime of the Nexus project, and the resulting grants will be able to fund additional research into the related topics. The full listing of the accepted grants will be made available on the page linked above, after the listing is created.

Software Tools

Software is a crucial part of the development of scientific research, and the Nexus project is funding various efforts to develop and improve software. When these software tools are ready for release, they will be made publicly available on the page linked above, after the tools are ready for release.