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Kofi Annan

Student Interactions with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Student Interactions with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (SISTEM) program is a 5-week long program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, funded by the EPSCoR Nexus grant. The program gives all high school students across Southern Nevada the opportunity to learn about various STEM careers and research through a diverse set of talks and activities. The speakers present on their background, their career, what path led them to this career, obstacles they overcame, and any research they are currently working on.

There are five sessions (2 speakers per night, 10 presentations in total) in the SISTEM series, which runs in the Fall and Spring semesters on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. Each session is held in the Science and Engineering Building (SEB) on the UNLV campus. Prior to the presentations, students are provided with a dinner and there is time to socialize and meet students from other high schools. As dinner concludes, students listen to a “Lightning Talk” where different UNLV departments and programs inform students on what to expect in college, organizations they could join, and special programs they can take advantage of. Following this, students move to the main event – two presentations on different STEM careers.

Spring 2018 Speakers and Presentations:

Fall 2017 Speakers and Presentations:

Spring 2017 Speakers and Presentations:

2016 Speakers and Presentations: