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The Nevada Research Data Center serves in a critical role of science cyberinfrastructure for sensor-based research data management. We facilitate the acquisition, transport, storage, query, and dissemination of observational data created by automated digital sensor systems. The NRDC participates in cutting-edge software and systems development to enhance next-generation science that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT). Our goal is to transform the scale, quality, impact, and bottom-line cost of research projects in Nevada that seek to deploy automated sensor systems as part of their scientific workflow.


The Nevada Research Data Center is dedicated to providing services and curation for project-level datasets and needs. The center was born out of a data portal that was developed during a Track 1 NSF EPSCoR project on climate change that included a cyberinfrastructure component. This project was later dubbed "NevCAN", and through the infrastructure created via NevCAN, the NRDC was started.

Operations & Services

The NRDC is currently funded exclusively through Nevada NSF-EPSCoR [link] programs as part of large interdisciplinary research. We operate remote high-speed digital data links as part of the Nevada Seismological Laboratory wide-area research data network, and we maintain a cluster of servers that house our primary data storage and software services. The NRDC maintains near-real-time archival of both flat-file and relational data structures of small-to-moderate scale. Our individual project databases range from a few hundred to billions of individual data points. We expose project data to to researchers and collaborators using high-performance query interfaces as well as aggregated file archives. Our data are shared directly with the Western Regional Climate Center, the Southern Nevada Research Center (UNLV), the PRISM Climate Group at the Oregon State University, and the DataOne distributed data curation clearinghouse.

Research & Development

At the NRDC, we are always developing better solutions for research cyberinfrastructure (CI). We are active participants in the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Federation, and work as a national community member to improve standards, practices, and technologies in science data management. Our research includes a significant student education and training component, where computer science and engineering students interface with domain scientist "clients" and seek to aid their sensor-based research using CI tools. We believe that this cross-disciplinary integration of engineering with domain science will ultimately produce much higher-quality science and research in Nevada and elsewhere.

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The Nevada Research Data Center is continually on the look out for new datasets to acquire and host, with the permission of their respective owners. If you have a dataset that you wish to make available for use by outside research efforts, or if you wish for the NRDC to accommodate your data in a meaningful way tailored to your needs, please fill out this form below:

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