Nevada Climate Change PortalNevada Climate Change Portal
An abstract representation of data using satellites, circuits, and other hardware.

The Web Enabled Data & Modeling Toolkit


The Web Enabled Data & Modeling Toolkit (WEDMIT) is a combination of a web-enabled application with a cross-platform desktop application. WEDMIT is primarily aimed at addressing data and model interoperability challenges. Researchers in environmental sciences work with datasets that have a large variety of data structures and file formats. Consequently, for data and model interoperability, it is essential to have the right tools for converting from a given data structure to another, and from a specific file format to another. WEDMIT is an original web-enabled approach for generating data processors capable of handling a multitude of data operations, including numerous data conversion and processing activities.

WEDMIT emphasizes end-user, direct manipulation-based definition of data processors and automated code generation of their associated code, thus freeing the scientists from specialized and often tedious programming tasks. This, in turn, translates into an increased efficiency of the scientific research work. The applicability of WEDMIT goes beyond the domain of environmental sciences, for which it was initially created, as it can be used in many other areas of research that emphasize data-intensive exploration and processing.

WEDMIT consists of a two part solution, a web application that provides an interactive way to generate and manage user-defined data structures, data operations, and data processors, and a desktop-based generic data processor. The generic processor takes the definition of the data processor generated via web application. Then, it generates the code related to a data processor, compiles it on the fly, and runs it. The users can configure different runtime parameters that pertain to code generation, compilation, and running the data processor. The concept of a data processor can be extended to couple two models in a feed-forward execution.

The main author of the WEDMIT is Jigar Patel, who developed it as part of his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering at UNR. Jigar can be contacted at

Nevada Climate Change Portal

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