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An abstract representation of data using satellites, circuits, and other hardware.

The SUNPRISM Framework

SUNPRISM Framework Zip File

The SUNPRISM framework defines an approach and provides tools aimed at supporting scientific investigation via new capabilities for combining data transformations, model simulations, and output visualizations in application scenarios developed for climate change research.

Consisting of two specialized software tools, the SUNPRISM Scenario Manager and the SUNPRISM Visualizer, SUNPRISM framework’s defining characteristics are a visual, user-friendly object-based interface for scenario configuration; a workflow-based environment that allows code generation and dataflow scenario execution; and data visualization capabilities for 3D environments, including for immersive virtual environments such as CAVE.

An application scenario consists of a combination of data resource objects and computational activity objects and, procedurally, there are five modes of operation in SUNPRISM: resource registration, scenario configuration, automated scenario code generation, scenario execution, and data examination.

The main author of SUNPRISM is Sohei Okamoto, who developed it as part of his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering at UNR. Sohei can be contacted at

Nevada Climate Change Portal

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