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An abstract representation of data using satellites, circuits, and other hardware.

The Demeter Framework

Persephone Client For the Demeter Framework

The Demeter Framework is a web-based framework that allows the user to create custom scenarios for model coupling. By utilizing powerful web services, the user can access a library of models, data sources, visualizations, and other activities that have been written by scientists and programmers for use with this system. The system is user-driven, allowing developers and modelers from all over the world to register their models and data sources as "activities" for use, and couple those models with the existing activities already in the system. Currently, these activities can take the form of web services or .NET libraries.

The Demeter Framework's client program (AKA "Persephone"), which utilizes the aforementioned web services, is written in Microsoft Silverlight 5, and is cross-browser and cross-platform compatible. By developing the interface using this technology, the Demeter Framework is applicable to, and usable by, a large audience, maintaining a consistent look and feel across the different platforms.

Link to video page at Youtube

The Demeter Framework uses a "workflow metaphor" for coupling these activities, but it is more like a visual simulation environment accessible by non-programmers. The Silverlight interface ("Persephone") displayed in the video above allows the user to create data channels between the various connection ports of each activity. The example presented in the video shows the setup and execution of a series of activities, as well as the resulting output.  There are additional videos available to see by following the link to the video page.

Later iterations of the Demeter Framework will include the ability to close the browser window, allowing for a "set it and forget it" user experience.  In addition, a selection of pre-existing activity standards will be provided, allowing users to utilize components written in standards such as OpenMI or CCA.  Users will even be able to use their own proprietary standard.

The main author of Demeter and its Persephone GUI interface is Eric Fritzinger, a UNR Computer Science and Engineering R&D faculty and software professional. He can be contacted at

Nevada Climate Change Portal

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