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An abstract representation of data using satellites, circuits, and other hardware.

The ATMOS Toolkit

The ATMOS Toolkit Github Page

The ATMOS toolkit provides Access to Tabular and Map-based Online Services. It is an ASP.NET web application that aggregates climate change data from various web services and presents that data in a uniform way to researchers. The toolkit uses a set of plugins to provide access to various data sources, and can be extended by writing new plugins to access additional data sources. The fact that multiple disparate services are being accessed through multiple plugins is transparent to the end user, who accesses data through the web front-end.

The ATMOS toolkit's goal is to facilitate climate change research by providing a uniform and consistent access method for the wide variety of climate change data sources that exist, including both map-based data and tabular data. These various data sources may have different access methods, data formats, and metadata, which presents a challenging environment for climate change researchers. The ATMOS toolkit helps to create a consistent interface, allowing researchers to focus on the data itself rather than how the data is accessed. The ATMOS toolkit also takes steps to provide metadata and links to the original data source to support data provenance, and ensure that climate change research based on this data will stand up to scrutiny from the scientific community.

ATMOS has been released as open source software under the Apache License 2.0, and is available on GitHub here:

The main author of ATMOS is Andrew Dittrich, who developed it as part of his master's thesis in Computer Science at the University of Nevada, Reno. Andrew can be contacted at

Nevada Climate Change Portal

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