Nevada Climate Change PortalNevada Climate Change Portal
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The SENSOR System

The Spatial Engine for Nevada Scientific Observational Results (SENSOR) system was created under the current NSF EPSCoR-funded RII (Track I) project to provide an automated mechanism for the long-term acquisition, storage, management, and curation of raw observational research data. This innovative system combines complex software systems, state-of-the-art hardware, and an advanced geospatial database system to provide high-quality, lossless, verifiable data streams and auto-generated metadata to project stakeholders, including researchers, students, and the public. Designed for extensibility and performance, this system is intended to support current and future research efforts throughout Nevada via cutting-edge technologies.

The front end of the SENSOR system is the Nevada Climate Change Portal (NCCP), which openly provides data and information to a variety of users: scientists, educators, students, policy makers, and the general public. To enhance the use and comprehension of this data and information, the NCCP incorporates a variety of other documents, features, services, and tools, such as data visualizations, tutorial videos, and search interfaces.

Internally, the SENSOR system utilizes various software processes to securely store and import data from various data sources (e.g., data loggers), performing basic data integrity checks. Basic quality assurance processes asynchronously evaluate collected data, indicating whether the data is viable or potentially erroneous. Data curation services periodically verify the integrity of raw data files, aggregating and organizing them to simplify management and storage. Ensuring data redundancy, frequent backup processes duplicate the database and raw data files to one or more geographically-separate locations.

Many data repositories quickly become a graveyard of abandoned, largely-undocumented post-processed data submitted by researchers at the end of their projects. The SENSOR system collects, curates, documents, and provides all raw data to each researcher for their individual use and analysis. This significantly reduces the involvement of the researchers in data collection activities while simultaneously providing an unprecedented level of verifiability, security, and metadata to ensure the data is completely reusable and identifiable by current and future researchers.

Nevada Climate Change Portal

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