Nevada Climate Change PortalNevada Climate Change Portal
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The Project


The Nevada Climate Change Project is a collaborative effort of many individuals at various Nevada System of Higher Education institutions. Encompassing educational and research entities from both the North and South of the state, the project combines the unique strengths and resources of each institution with the talents and expertise of their individual researchers, students, and faculty. This vast pool of expertise and resources is overseen at various levels, ultimately reporting to (and directed by) Nevada EPSCoR.

Each institution involved in the project has one point of contact (entitled a “Co-Principal Investigator” or “Co-PI”) that encourages and coordinates inter-institution communication. The Co-PIs are further tasked with ensuring the smooth, productive communication and flow of research information amongst the project components – cross-institution teams of individuals that focus on a particular area of research or development. Each of the 6 project components – described below – consists of individuals at one or more institutions that coordinate their efforts to achieve a specific set of goals (e.g. research, infrastructure development, etc.) related to the project. These components constitute the most important, high-level organizational structures of the project and include:

Nevada Climate Change Portal

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