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Publications created as a part of the Nevada Climate Change Project, or relating to the topic of climate change, are organized by the format or purpose of the document. The following categories contain all documents produced by, for, or related to the project and its interests.


Journal Articles

Biondi, Franco. 2014. Dendroclimatic reconstruction at kilometer-scale grid points: a case study from the Great Basin of North America. Journal of Hydrometeorology, 15:891-906, DOI: 10.1175/JHM-D-13-0151.1.

Biondi, Franco and Sergio Rossi. 2014. Plant-water relationships in the Great Basin Desert of North America derived from Pinus monophylla hourly dendrometer records. International Journal of Biometeorology, DOI: 10.1007/s00484-014-0907-4.

Johnson, Brittany G., Paul S.J. Verburg and John A. Arnone III. 2014. Effects of climate and vegetation on soil nutrients and chemistry in the Great Basin studied along a latitudinal-elevational climate gradient. Plant and Soil. DOI: 10-1007/s11104-014-2144-3.

McEvoy, Daniel J., John F. Mejia, and Justin L. Huntington. 2014. Use of an Observation Network in the Great Basin to Evaluate Gridded Climate Data. Journal of Hydrometeorology, 15, 1913–1931. DOI:

Ziaco, Emanuele, Franco Biondi, Sergio Rossi and Annie Deslauriers. 2014. Intra-annual wood anatomical features of high-elevation conifers in the Great Basin, USA. Dendrochronologia, 32:303-312. DOI:

Ziaco, Emanuele, Franco Biondi, Sergio Rossi and Annie Deslauriers. 2014. Climatic influences on wood anatomy and tree-ring features of Great Basin conifers at a new mountain observatory. Applications in Plant Sciences, 2(10):1400054, doi:10.3732/apps.1400054.

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Nevada Climate Change Portal

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