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Publications created as a part of the Nevada Climate Change Project, or relating to the topic of climate change, are organized by the format or purpose of the document. The following categories contain all documents produced by, for, or related to the project and its interests.


Journal Articles

Miller, W.P.; Piechota T.C., "Regional Analysis of Trend and Step Changes Observed in Hydroclimatic Variables Around the Colorado River Basin", Journal of Hydrometeorology, vol. 9, (2009), p. 1020.

Soukup, T.; Aziz O.; Tootle G.; Piechota T.; Wulff S., "Long Lead-time Streamflow Forecasting of the North Platte River Incorporating Oceanic-Atmospheric Climate Variability", Journal of Hydrology, vol. 368, (2009), p. 131

Tang, C.; Piechota, T. 2009. Spatial and Temporal Soil Moisture and Drought Variability in the Upper Colorado River Basin. J. Hydrology Vol. 379 (1-2):122-135. Timilsena, J.; Piechota T.;

Tootle G.; Singh A., "Associations of Interdecadal/Interannual Climate Variability and Long-Term Colorado River Basin Streamflow", Journal of Hydrology, vol. 365, (2009), p. 289 Tootle, G.T.; Piechota, T.C.; Aziz, O.; Miller, W.P.; Lakshmi, V.; Dracup, J.A.; Jerla, C. 2009. 2009-2010 El NiƱo: Hydrologic Relief for Parts of the U.S.? EOS Transactions, Vo. 90, No. 50: 481-492.

Published Book(s) or Other One-time Publication(s):

Lancaster, N. 2009. Deserts . Pages 276-296 in Geomorphology and Global Environmental Change, Spencer, T.S., Slaymaker, O., Embleton-Hamann, C. (editors), Cambridge University Press.

Lancaster, N. 2009. Aeolian Features and Processes. Pages 1-26 in Geological Monitoring. Young, R.S., and Norby, L (editors). Boulder, Colorado, Geological Society of America Lancaster, N. 2009. Deserts. Pages 307-309 in Encyclopedia of Global Warming, Dutch, S.I(ed). Salem Press.

Lancaster, N. 2009. Dust Storms. Pages 325-326 in Encyclopedia of Global Warming. Dutch. S.I (editor). Salem Press.

Lancaster, N. 2009. Sahara Desert. Pages 896-897 in Encyclopedia of Global Warming. Dutch, S.I (editor). Salem Press.

Lancaster, N. 2009. United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification. Pages 1029-1030 in Encyclopedia of Global Warming. Dutch, S.I (editor). Salem Press.

Piechota, T.C.; Neumann E., "Climate Change, Global Warming, and Sustainability: Civil Engineering Curriculum and Student Perceptions" , bibl. Proceedings of the 2008 ASEE Annual Conference, (2008). Conference Proceeding.

Webb, R., Fenstermaker, L., Heaton, J., Hughson, D., McDonald, E., and Miller, D. (Editors). 2009. The Mojave Desert Ecosystem Processes and Sustainability. University of Nevada Press, Reno NV.

Conference Presentations

Biondi, F.; Strachan, S. 2009. A 2300-year tree-ring chronology and its climatic implications for the eastern Sierra Nevada/western Great Basin. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Terminus Lakes: Preserving Endangered Lakes Through Research, University of Nevada, Reno, p. 38.

Dana, G., Piechota, T., Mensing, S., Lancaster, N., 2009, Nevada Infrastructure for Climate Change Science, Education, and Outreach, PACLIM - Pacific Climate Workshop in Pacific Grove, CA April 20 - 22, 2009.

Dana, G., Piechota, T., Mensing, S., Lancaster, N., 2008 Nevada Infrastructure for Climate Change Science, Education, and Outreach, AGU Annual Meeting December 15-19,2008. Special CIRMOUNT session: Complex Mountain Climates Create Complex Ecosystem Responses and Require Complex Management Strategies

Publications from other years: 201420132012201120102009

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