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Washoe County Climate Change Science Activities

This series of activities is adapted from a climate change activity manual that was created to aid science teachers in bringing climate change science to their classrooms in an approachable and relevant way. The activities and lessons contained in the manual represent the best work of some of the Washoe County School District elementary, middle and high school teachers who participated in the EPSCoR climate change educational institutes held over four summers at the University of Nevada, Reno from 2009 to 2012.

Activities and lessons were written for teacher use in the Reno, Nevada area but the authors and manual editors believe that a wider application can be reached in other parts of the country and of the world. Lessons can be modified to fit specialized schools and programs that include units on climate change or environmental science. High school and middle school lessons can be modified to fit elementary programs. We believe that science teachers are very good at modifying lessons for their own unique circumstances! Each of the lessons and activities have been implemented in public school science classes and were designed specifically for practical use. Please let the authors know of your successes with their plans and feel free to submit your own original lessons to the EPSCoR Nevada-UNR Director(s) for inclusion in an upcoming second edition of the Climate Change Activity Manual.

The activity manual was organized by grade level and can be accessed on the Nevada Climate Change Portal as follows:

Nevada Climate Change Portal

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