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Losing the Lake

When asked what the top three issues of the Las Vegas region were, the reply was “water, water, water!” This was the result of a survey of Las Vegas Valley TV anchors done a few years ago. The reason for this response is that the sustainability and growth of urban environments is critically-dependent upon sufficient water resources. As research has shown, even small changes in global conditions can have a significant effect upon regional water supplies. For example, stream flows and mountainous ice packs are impacted by changes in global temperature, impacting the amount of water available in a region. The increased demand for water by a growing population base places even more focus on these issues.

The welcome screen for Losing the Lake.
Welcome to “Losing the Lake.”

Even as the flow of water to the Las Vegas Valley is decreasing, many people in the area do not fully appreciate the severity of this crisis. Complicating matters is the fact that many people are unaware of the numerous ways they can contribute to water conservation. However, by educating Nevadans, future initiatives can be put into practice to help alleviate this dire situation. Combining imagery and a trivia format, the goal of this project is to create an engaging environment to raise water conservation awareness of all ages.

One of the game screens that shows water coolers.
How much water can you save?
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