Nevada Climate Change PortalNevada Climate Change Portal
An abstract representation of data using satellites, circuits, and other hardware.

Data Resources

The Nevada Climate Change Project is focused on collecting climate change data as it relates to the State of Nevada. This information is then made available to researchers, scientists, and any other interested entity who is curious about the past, present, and / or future state of the Nevada climate and its hydrological and ecological resources.

To properly measure climate conditions, monitoring stations have been placed along two transects within the state in key vegetation zones that represent a typical set of conditions found in the Great Basin and Mojave Desert ecosystems within the state. Various measurements are collected at these stations, recorded, and archived for later use by researchers, climate modelers, land managers, educators, students and any interested person.

Get Data

Additional visualizations and analyses of NevCAN data are available from these Western Regional Climate Center (WRCC) websites*:

The Western Regional Climate Center (WRCC), which is operated by The Desert Research Institute, supports a three-partner National Climate Service Program, the partners of which include: National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), Regional Climate Centers (RCC's) and State Climate Offices. WRCC provides historical climate information and current weather observations and forecasts for western states including: Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico. As a collaborator in this (and other) efforts, WRCC provides supplemental data graphing and analysis.

* Any NevCAN data provided or otherwise distributed by external organizations may have undergone additional data processing and / or modification that renders the data “processed” or otherwise non-raw. The Nevada Climate Change Project is not responsible for data modifications made by such external entities. The Nevada Climate Change Project website is the authoritative source for raw NevCAN data.

Nevada Climate Change Portal

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