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For the most interactive and fulfilling experience, please install (or update) Microsoft Silverlight on your system to use our cutting-edge search interface. Benefits include:

  • Multiple, flexible search methods.
  • Maps, graphs, and other visualizations.
  • Support on most modern browsers.
  • Powerful data selection and download options.
  • Persisted preferences and search options.
  • And much, much more...

Downloading and installing Silverlight is fast and easy. Click below to install Silverlight and launch the search interface.

Install Silverlight Now

Alternatively, you can continue to search for data using our web-based search interface. Although it doesn't support all the features of the Silverlight interface, you can:

  • Locate data at various monitoring locations.
  • Select individual monitored properties.
  • Preview data.
  • Download data.

If you would like to use this interface, or your browser is not supported by Silverlight, just click below.